Browser plugin breaks geo-blocks

The borders are falling. At least the virtual barriers that prevent users from all over the world from watching videos on US streaming sites. With the free browser plug-in Hola for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, an Israeli software company has developed a program that bypasses geo-blocks. This has sparked another legal discussion. Read More

VPN Services For Your XBox

VPN services offer privacy protection, help against geo-blocking and can protect against DDoS attacks. The market is confusing – we provide an overview of the most important suppliers and their services. Most Internet users in Germany currently still do without VPN (Virtual Private Network) or only occasionally rely on this option. One reason for this could be that VPN is unknown territory for many. There are good reasons for their use. We explain the technology behind VPN, provides a market overview for XBox user. They range from better protection of privacy to the possibility of bypassing IP blocks to the defense against distributed DoS attacks. Read More

Your China VPN May Not Be As Secure As You Believe

If your home is in China and youre reading this web site, it is likely that youve got a VPN. Its a virtual requirement for anybody who wants to look at english language web in the Center Empire because so many well-known english language websites are blocked from the Great Firewall. And at the very least theoretically, utilizing a VPN additionally retains your link secure from government spying, because all the information youre sending and receiving is protected. But a recent article from former Yahoo info protection professional Marc Bevand has raised some fascinating questions regarding just how safe your VPN actually is.

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For Domain Owner Newbies – What Is Hosting Bandwidth

Bandwidth tells you how much data can be transmitted by your hosting accounts in a certain moment, typically measured in seconds.

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Unblock Facebook Where You Want

If you’ve been seeking how to Un-Block Facebook and really had no delight then you’re finally in luck. In this article I’m going to explain exactly how it is possible to un-block Facebook almost everywhere.

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Turkish Web Liberty And Rights In Sudden Decline

(Istanbul) Turkey, the sponsor of a UNITED NATIONS-backed Web forum June 2-5, 2014 in Istanbul, has an abysmal record of protecting free expression on the web. Recently, the Turkish authorities has enlarged its capabilities to censor online content and also to track web activity without independent supervision.

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Surveillance Privacy And Anonymity In Southern America

Surveillance by authorities and counter intelligence activities have improved since 2013, when the authorities launched its 2013-2019 Strategy for the Mother Country, which stressed the conditioning of national defense among its priorities. Even Though the strategy doesn’t expressly demand the observation of social media, as a result of its passing the authorities started phoning with this measure.

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Brazilian Laws Restricting The Internet

In 2014 Brazilian handed the „Marco Municipal da Internet“, also called the „Web Bill of Rights“, which protects consumer privacy, ensured freedom of online expression, and enshrined web neutrality in-law. On the other hand, the year was also marked by increasing violence against journalists and a few cases of judicial censorship.

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IPVanish – Review Of The VPN Service

Why don’t we start our IPVanish evaluation by observing they are among the only top grade VPN suppliers. What this means is they command all their facilities, use their own system technicians, and create their own custom applications. Thus, your information never needs to be handled by a 3rd party.

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Increased Intensity Of Web Restrictions In Italy

AGECOM, Italys unbiased Digital Communications Specialist, is really on the brink of project the strength of purchasing the elimination of any on-line content that it believes to be in breach of the copyright legislation, with no need of the parliament or courtroom approval.

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